• Sally is a dedicated professional who continuously updates her qualifications and broadens her knowledge. This commitment is reflected in her sessions which are effective, challenging and enjoyable. Sally is always able and willing to adapt the exercises to whatever is needed. This customised approach is essential as I have played competitive sport most of my life and have a history of injuries. Sally designs my programme taking into account dodgy joints and misalignments. Working with her has been one of my best decisions. Our weekly sessions have without doubt extended my sporting life. I am fitter, stronger and more flexible in my 60s than in my 40s. Sally is a key part of my health and fitness journey.

    Lesley Fishwick Avatar Lesley Fishwick
    23rd June, 2022

    Sally has trained me through two pregnancies. She tailors each session to my goals and energy levels. I feel well supported and confident in my body’s abilities. I cannot recommend Sally enough.

    Madeline Louisa Avatar Madeline Louisa
    3rd July, 2022

    I would definitely recommend sally. Massages are tailored to your personal needs like sciatica which she has helped ease along with my other aches n pains. So lucky to have her right on our doorstep.

    Lisa Ty Shek Avatar Lisa Ty Shek
    24th May, 2022
  • I have been training with Sally for ten years now and she is an excellent trainer, tailoring my sessions to suit me and ensuring I was fit enough to recover quickly from knee and hip replacement operations. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    David Kennedy Avatar David Kennedy
    25th May, 2022

    Highly recommend Sally, been going for a sports massage for last couple of years. Great for maintenance and recovery from injury. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    Darren Williams Avatar Darren Williams
    22nd May, 2022
My life long dream of completing an Ironman triathlon wouldn’t have been achievable without Sally’s support, guidance and recovery techniques. Recovering from long swims, bike rides and runs were crucial and this was always achieved from Sally’s detailed and dedicated massage techniques to ensure I was ready for each training session. Specific training is a key part for any one wanting to achieve their sporting goals but recovery is a bigger part if you want to smash those goals. Thank you for everything you have done for me.
PE Teacher

James completed his Iron man in under 12 hours with no injuries. I massaged him 16 hours after finishing and he was feeling capable of training that day.

I joined Sally’s Pilates classes with very little experience and felt very comfortable immediately. Sally provided discreet antenatal adaptations to the main exercises so that I still felt part of the class. I have reached the end of my pregnancy with no back pain and I have strengthened my core muscles. In addition I have practised breathing techniques in preparation for labour. Thank you Sally!
I found the Pilates course very beneficial. It was a great way to stay active even in the third trimester of pregnancy. The classes were challenging but options for level of difficulty were given for all movements meaning it was always achievable. I feel that pilates has contributed to a healthy pregnancy and was also a good way to unwind. Thank you.
I have been training with Sally for 2 years and recently had to have two major operations, a hip and then knee replacement on the same leg. My speedy recuperation and rehabilitation are testament to the levels of strength and fitness Sally brought me to. After my first operation (hip) Sally prepared a 10 week recovery programme tailored to what I was capable of doing. I then moved onto a muscle strength building workout in preparation for my next operation. Now, only 4½ weeks after my knee replacement, I have started another tailored recovery programme. I am certainly no fitness fanatic and at 61 neither am I young and naturally fit, so I do attribute my ability to recover so quickly, to Sally’s expertise. She builds demanding but sensible exercises that, almost unnoticed, build the level of strength and fitness. Although she pushes you hard, she never pushes you so far that you do more harm than good. I can wholeheartedly recommend Sally as a trainer
Retired Finance Director
As a busy professional, Sally offers training at a time and place to suit me. After years of stagnant, unproductive and largely unused gym membership, my strength and stamina has improved immeasurably. Her sessions are fun, varied and always strike the core!
Lee L
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Following the birth of my second child, I was keen to improve my fitness and lose the weight I’d gained during the pregnancy, but I was unsure how much and what forms of exercise were safe. Sally gave me the confidence and has motivated me to get fit and I feel great, especially when i put my pre pregnancy clothes on. In fact, I even recommended Sally to my husband, and he now trains with her weekly
Marketing Executive
I’ve just started having sessions with Sally and after only a few sessions, I feel fitter, stronger and much, much more flexible. I am really seeing results and I’m looking better too. Highly recommended!
Retired HR Director
I have been training with Sally for 3 years. Initially I needed some expert guidance with exercise following spinal fusion. My programme is tailored to my needs and fitness levels which has improved my overall health and strength. I would highly recommend these sessions.
Retired Deputy Head
After having 4 children I plucked up the courage to call Sally. I needed specialist post-natal help with my tummy muscles. After 12 sessions I had lost a stone and dropped two dress sizes!
I first trained with Sally one on one, to give me a kick start with my weight loss goal. Her style is very motivating – she works you hard and encouraged me to get the most out of every workout. Sally is flexible and trained me in a private gym and at my house, the choice was mine. After her initial help I didn’t want to undo all my hard work so I enrolled in one of her bootcamp sessions. I’ve been attending since May. These sessions were a fun way to exercise in a group, but I also came away feeling like I had a proper workout. With Sally’s help and encouragement, I lost two and half stone in 16 weeks.
Sarah Doick
Legal Secretary
Sally is a great motivator. I’d been running for a while but felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. She helped me focus and concentrate on different training methods that would build my stamina. One to one or in group, Sally always makes you feel the sessions are designed just for you.
Kate Bradley
Newcastle United