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Sally Devine

Established in 2009, Sally Devine is qualified in Personal Training, Pilates (both mat and reformer), pre and post-natal exercise instruction and Sports Massage.

Continuously learning new techniques and gaining new qualifications to enhance clients’ experience. My specialism is getting people moving efficiently, by addressing any pain or imbalances.

I work on a freelance basis for Newcastle University, North Tyneside Council and David Lloyd gyms.


If you are unsure on which treatment to book or would like some advice, please contact Sally via text or Facebook.

Massage has many benefits:

Hot Stones

This treatment uses heated basalt stones to massage the body.

The heat helps to melt away muscle tension naturally and soothe our tired, worn-out bodies.

A great treatment especially during the colder months.

Swedish Massage

The foundation of all massage, this traditional treatment uses hands-on manual techniques to help promote relaxation and reduce stress.

A time to press pause on life and reduce anxiety.

Deep Tissue

Deep manipulative therapy that specialises in the rehabilitation of the soft tissue of the body, eg fascia, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

A deep pressure is applied once the body is prepared and warmed up for the main event. An agreed level of pressure is discussed and can be adapted through the treatment.

Techniques can include:
Cupping (fascial release)
Percussive Trigger Gun (vibration therapy to relax tired muscles)
Instrument-assisted Scraping (reduces inflammation and is effective in treating arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Scraping is not supposed to be painful, but the procedure may change the appearance of your skin. Tiny blood vessels known as capillaries near the surface of your skin can burst, resulting in bruising.

Personal Training Sessions

Why hire Devine Bodies Personal Training?

There can be many barriers to exercise. You’ve already made the first step by being on this website. Maybe you don’t know where to start? 

Devine Bodies will develop a programme with your goals in mind. This could be fitting into a dress, getting stronger, more flexible, ensuring you are fit for years to come.

Private, well-equipped Training Environment

You will be able to train in a private, hygienic environment. No sweaty alpha males or Instagramming selfie-takers. 

A diary appointment with your trainer is a great tool for making you committed to your health. 

A trainer brings variety to a workout, incorporating knowledge of safe and effective techniques even after injury or surgery.

What to expect

If you are new or returning to exercise after an absence or injury, your upper and lower extremities will be analysed for any distortions through a series of movement tests. Your tailored programme will include correctional exercises, drawing on knowledge of sports therapy and pilates. Stabilising exercises can then safely be advanced to strength and more multi muscle movements.

If you are already a regular exerciser but need to compliment your current activities this can be devised into your session.

Pre & Post-natal

You will be in safe hands. Pre-natal sessions can continue right up until due date. Pilates offers an exercise route which can be so easily adapted to challenge and strengthen your body. Having a baby should be approached like a major sporting event. It can go on for hours! Your centre of gravity will shift, your hormones will affect joint stability, your rate of perceived exertion and energy levels will surprise you. Mitigate any risks of injury with a qualified trainer who had to return to exercise post c-section.


Post-natal mothers are welcome to commence after the 6 week GP check up. You will be guided on any abdominal separation and pelvic floor work. Having a designated 1:1 PT session will provide the mother with some clear personal self-care. Clients generally experience heightened energy levels after a session. This I turn improves sleep and stress levels.


Should you want to bring your baby along, in a private training environment, this is always an option.

Stretch and mobility ‘take away’ self-therapy session

Picture Senior lady on foam roller.

A personalised take away programme to do at home. This self-care session will enable you to improve your flexibility in the comfort of your home/hotel room or gym. Sally will discuss where your tight and restrictive areas are and devise an hours tutorial. Using very affordable props, you will be armed with the tools to release your own fascia and soft tissue and learn strengthening exercises for your weak parts.


60 min PT session £30
10 x 60 min  PT sessions £275
Take away Stretch and mobility self-therapy session £35

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