06 Oct

TABATA – The fastest calorie burning workout

When a new exercise class arrives, it commonly claims to torch 1,000 calories. Such statements are rarely backed up by medical evidence. In fact, you would need to run at 16km/hr or rack up 10 miles in an hour to achieve this. In the Great North Run, this equates to a finish time of 1hr 18 mins. (I have a PB of 1 hour 36 mins and I couldn’t have shaved a second off that time). HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training), especially Tabata classes (protocol of 20 seconds of all out effort, 10 seconds of incomplete rest) are one of the most time efficient classes you can do for calorie burn. A study in the Journal of Sports Sciences and Medicine by Porcari measured blood lactate and oxygen consumption for 16 volunteers. Each candidate completed the 4 rounds of 4 minutes segments with average total energy expenditure of 300 calories. Additionally, the ‘afterburn’ or what is more technically termed EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption) effect elevates your metabolism during the recovery phase. So you gain a second windfall of calorie deficit with this type of anaerobic training. Figures by Porcari suggest a level of 10% of workout calorie. So there we have it….come to one of my 45 minute Tabata classes and the average Joe would have torched 660 calories.

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