Training Packages

Take away 28 day fat loss programme.

For £99 you will receive 3 workouts to perform in a gym of your choice or even at home if you have some equipment. The price includes 3 x 1 hour tutorial sessions at Devine Bodies to establish technique and what weight/resistance you should be starting with. Measurements, weight and body fat will be taken at the beginning and end of your 28 days. The exercises will increase your lean muscle mass and make your body a more efficient fat burning machine. This package is ideal if you want the flexibility of training on your own but under the guidance of a Personal Training programme.

Daily Conditioning Drill

For £99 and 3 hours of your time you will be provided with a unique and cutting edge drill to have you in peak condition. Whether you have an injury which hinders your ability to train or you feel stiff on a daily basis, this package will give you the tools to cope with the rigours of everyday life or current training.

Hour 1: Assessing not guessing. A postural and range of movement assessment will indicate asymmetries and improper muscle recruitment patterns.

Hour 2: Your follow up session will introduce you to Self Myofascial Release. Trigger point release can ease pain and imbalances in your mechanical structure.

Hour 3: Your final session will be an opportunity to rehearse your technique under our watchful eye.

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