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You’re not seeing results

Your body will not respond to a workout post 6 weeks. It needs to be challenged and re-challenged. At Devine Bodies, the trainer will develop a programme which is an effective workout and offers progression.

You don’t know where to start

Muscles work in pairs and should be trained as such. Sometimes, through injury or lifestyle our muscles become imbalanced. At Devine Bodies we will analyse your lower and upper extremities for any distortions and firstly start you on a stabilising programme prior to strength and power workouts. Your trainer will help you maximise your time while helping you stay within your own limits so you don’t overdo it. Plus you’ll learn correct technique.

You’re bored with the same old workouts

Maybe you’ve been exercising for years and you can’t see the cost benefit of a trainer? A trainer brings variety to a workout incorporating knowledge of different training systems and techniques. Devine Bodies can show you how to work smarter, how to fit in exercise at home, in a hotel room or even a park. You’ll find it refreshing to have a new workout and some new exercise equipment to play with. You will build up to exercises working across your 3 planes of movement which is how it was designed to move. These leave traditional weight machines standing, which only offer a very limited range of movement.

You need to be challenged

Do you honestly work to your max in a gym environment? A Personal Trainer will encourage you to work harder than you would on your own and train past your self-imposed limits.

You want to learn how to exercise on your own 

Hiring Devine Bodies can be of great benefit for learning the right way to exercise. Even if you just want a few sessions, this kick start will help you learn about the muscles in your body and the exercises that target those muscles.

You need motivation

Your trainer comes with built-in motivation. A diary appointment with your trainer is a great tool for making you commit to a workout. With Devine Bodies you will be given guidance in what to do at the gym or at home. You’ll then be asked if you did it!!!!

You’re training for a sport or specific event

Maybe you’ve signed up for the Great North Run, need to tone up for your wedding or maybe your netball team could benefit from some core stability training? Our experience and qualifications can help create a training programme and work in partnership with you.

You want to work out at home

In addition to being flexible and coming to your house to train 1:1, Devine Bodies will recommend exercises that don’t require a lot of equipment so you can continue to exercise throughout the week.  Sometimes, working out at home is the only option for achieving some physical activity.

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