02 Sep

Back Pain Management

Back pain is one of the most sited reasons for NOT doing exercise and for days lost at work.

There are many myths surrounding back pain and exercise. The biggest, is that exercising is going to do you harm. In fact, the correct exercises or CORRECTIVE EXERCISES will help relieve back pain and reduce the risk of repeat issues.

Read for yourself…..

Hannah, 22, Post graduate in Engineering.

“Sally treated me for lower back pain which I had suffered for 6 years. It was brought on by a month of trekking with an over-sized bag and a job that involved lifting. The pain was worsened when stood or sat for a long time.

After the first consultation, involving some soft tissue massage, the pain lessened. A 30 minute daily¬†warm up routine by Sally, now eliminates the pain.My back feels looser and pain occurs much less frequently. The regime is easy to follow and as well as stopping the pain, it has improved my balance and flexibility”.


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