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19 Jan

PILATES IN THE PARK – Sunday 6th August 11-12pm

The next Pilates drop in session is this Sun 6th August 11-12pm, £7 per person, reserved to 10 spaces. Please message if interested. All levels welcome. Location is Great Park Community Centre, Roseden Way, Gosforth. Bookmark It

12 Jan

Lower sugar winter smoothie

Sweet potato shake 1/2 roasted/microwaved sweet potato 150ml of hazelnut/almond/cashew milk 1 scoop of vanilla protein 1/4 teaspoon each of ground cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger 1 date pre soaked and pitted 5 ice cubes   BLEND EVERYTHING IN A POWERFUL BLENDER AND DRINK IMMEDIATELY. A GREAT MEAL REPLACEMENT. THE POTATO IS SWEET ENOUGH TO TAKE [...]

06 Jan

Low sugar, low carb breakfast pancakes

Super quick recipe for a breakfast alternative to high sugar, insulin spiking cereal. Blend 3 egg whites (or 125ml of two chicks egg whites), 1 banana and a scoop of vanilla protein powder. Heat a frying pan with vegetable oil to a medium heat. Add half the mixture. Flip up the sides with a spatula [...]

05 Jun


This is a great high protein, low sugar, non fat snack. Made the night before it’s also a great breakfast. Make up the sugar free jelly (strawberry or raspberry work well) as directed. Add a spoonful of vanilla protein powder and mix well with a fork. A thin crust will form as the protein doesn’t [...]

04 Jan

Revolution Rolls- Carb free, egg based bread substitute.

To eliminate the belly bulge or bread baby as one of my clients calls it, why not bake some carb free, gluten free bread for your lunch. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. BUT you do need to be organised. I cook a batch of this on a Sunday and keep in an airtight [...]

15 Nov

Dairy, gluten-free chocolate

These are delicious and junk free. See link for recipe . Bookmark It

06 Oct

TABATA – The fastest calorie burning workout

When a new exercise class arrives, it commonly claims to torch 1,000 calories. Such statements are rarely backed up by medical evidence. In fact, you would need to run at 16km/hr or rack up 10 miles in an hour to achieve this. In the Great North Run, this equates to a finish time of 1hr [...]

06 Oct

Video clip Core Training Anti Flexion/Extension

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03 Oct


METAFIT class starts this Sunday (5th Oct) at Great Park Community Centre 9-9.30am.  Text/call to book in (07834753194). Just bring your water, £3 and a towel. GO ON IT’S ONLY 30 MINS! Bookmark It

02 Feb

Tuna Burgers

Turn plain old cans of tuna into a delicious meal in a flash. Flax meal and eggs add precious omega-3 fatty acids and keep the GI low. 2 burgers provides 63g of protein and only 14g of carbs. Ingredients 3 cans of drained tuna 3tbsp milled flax seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds 1 onion diced [...]