WEDNESDAY:  Tabata HIIT Live class 5.45-6.30pm £3 via bacs

PILATES Live class  7-8pm  £5 via bacs

SUNDAY:        KETTLEBELLS 9-9.45am Live class £3 via bacs

TABATA 10-10.45pm Live class £3 via bacs

PILATES 11-12pm Live class £5 via bacs                              

Please contact Sally to book a place on 07834753194.

2 Responses to “Classes”

  1. Jo Lee Says:

    Hi Sally
    I am interested in the Friday am metafit class at Great Park. I have not done it before – can I come along tomorrow?

    thanks Jo

  2. Gillian Wieczorek Says:

    Just wondered what your metafit class at the great park community centre involves. Was thinking of trying the Friday morning session next week. Do I need to book in advance? How much is it per session? Thanks, Gillian

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