22 Jan

Lower back pain?

Before and after Muscle Energy Techniques to correct leg length difference

A leg length difference greater than 5mm can contribute to lower back pain. In need of help? 60mins massage £30.

19 Dec

Introductory offer to new clients. £5 off massage


Enjoy a 60 minute massage for the reduced price of £25 (new clients only). Massage to be taken at Devine Bodies, Longbenton.

Specified to your requirements. Techniques include suction cup, vibro massage, muscle energy techniques and oil based traditional methods. All designed to interact with the biomechanics of the human body and promote its natural ability to heal.

04 Nov




Monday Metafit will now start at 9.15am to accommodate nursery drop off time at Great Park Community Centre. The class is a 30 min HIIT clas. Only £3.50 and you can bring a friend (first time, new comer) for free.

04 Nov

2 a day pancakes

Sweet potato and banana pancake- gluten free

Sweet potato and banana pancake- gluten free

Cook a medium sweet potato (4 mins in a microwave). Discard skin. Place potatoe, banana, 2 eggs, teaspoon of cinnamon and a scoop of vanilla protein powder in a blender. Fry for 2 mins each side. Serve with either bacon and spinach or yogurt and fruit. the pancakes freeze well.


Makes 6 pancake. 204 cals, 2.5g fat, 31g carbs, 16g protein. The electrolytes and cut D aid muscle recovery and lower the stress hormone, cortisol.

26 Sep

Low sugar Low fat, hidden vegetable smoothie


wedge of lemon

chooped small carrot

cooked beetroot

thumbsize of chopped ginger

10 dark sweet cherries

handful of spinach

scoop of chocolate protein/ cocoa powder/ hot chocolate powder

200 ml hazelnut milk


method: blend first then whip using a powerful hand blender. Should finish looking like a thick milkshake. Video link below.



26 Sep

4 new 7am classes. Perfect for pre-work workout.

I know it’s dark and the duvet is warm…..but a morning workout not only leaves the rest of the day free, it has a better metabolic burn. You’ve fasted all night and a fasted cardio session really scrapes the fat out of the arteries.

These pay as you go classes are ideal. Spin is 45 mins, Metafit 30 mins.

Monday 7am Spin Gosforth Academy £4

Tuesday 7am Spin Gosforth Academy £4

Thursday 7am Spin Gosforth Academy £4

Friday 7am Metafit Gosforth Academy £2

19 Jan

PILATES IN THE PARK – Sunday 6th August 11-12pm


The next Pilates drop in session is this Sun 6th August 11-12pm, £7 per person, reserved to 10 spaces. Please message if interested.  sally@devinebodies.com All levels welcome.

Location is Great Park Community Centre, Roseden Way, Gosforth.

12 Jan

Lower sugar winter smoothie

Sweet potato shake

1/2 roasted/microwaved sweet potato

150ml of hazelnut/almond/cashew milk

1 scoop of vanilla protein

1/4 teaspoon each of ground cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger

1 date pre soaked and pitted

5 ice cubes



06 Jan

Low sugar, low carb breakfast pancakes

Ingredients for quick low carb pancakesSuper quick recipe for a breakfast alternative to high sugar, insulin spiking cereal. Blend 3 egg whites (or 125ml of two chicks egg whites), 1 banana and a scoop of vanilla protein powder. Heat a frying pan with vegetable oil to a medium heat. Add half the mixture. Flip up the sides with a spatula to prevent the pancake burning. Flip over after about 2 minutes. These are great as an on-the-go breakfast. I make a batch, refrigerate them and vary my toppings. For savoury, add bacon, spinach leaves and a squirt of sugar free maple syrup. Or try full fat Greek yogurt and cherries. Cherries are great for their cancer preventive compounds and they help reduce post exercise pain.

16 Oct

England Athletics Hall of Fame dinner 2016

Linford Christie. 1992 Olympic 100m gold medalist.

Linford Christie. 1992 Olympic 100m gold medalist.

Kriss Akabusi and Sally Devine at the awards dinner

Kriss Akabusi and Sally Devine at the awards dinner. Olympic Gold medal 1991 4x400m relay. Still holds British records for 400m hurdles.